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Genealogy Information

The information in these pages has been taken mainly from the Registers of the Church of St Helen's, Thorganby Parish, York, North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.

You may also like to know that I have compiled a "History of Thorganby With West Cottingwith". It runs to over 500 A4 pages, with many photographs and details only available from archive searching. It includes four CD's with the full BMB's from the Church Records and other sources plus the 1841 - 1911 censuses amongst other detail. In all, over a 1000 pages of history starting in 1066. This is a Hard Backed, professionally bound volume. It is only available from me. You can enquire as to availability and cost by using the email shown on the Home page.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the details shown are true and accurate, but wayward script in the Registers and wayward fingers by this typist may have led to error. If you find this to be the case please accept the collator's apologies and inform the Webmaster of any errors.

All Church Registers, except for those in present use, are retained by the Borthwick Institute, York with their contents being freely available to search on microfiche. 
Assistance and information has also been provided by the  York Minster Library.

Completing these pages has been a voluntary exercise and has taken a long time to complete. Please still regard these pages as work in progress as I hope to locate and make available more Non-Conformist details in due course.

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